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As a Personal Development Coach...

I use wonder, wellness & wisdom to help you:

∗ Claim your Glory
∗ Improve Self-esteem
∗ Live Life Fully

using what I did to shift my own self-worth, access authentic expression & heal my workaholism. learn more

My Latest Blog Posts

I blog about tools for WonderWellness & Wonder. Featuring The Hot Project Self-Esteem Makeover & The Freedom Project Workaholic Rehab as well as my creative process.

Yes, You’re Hot!

Yes, You’re Hot! is Hot Principle #1 of The Hot Project Self-Esteem Makeover to develop Sizzling Self-Esteem Inside and Out.

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How to Settle on a Job Title?

Job titles call for clarity, not creativity. Find out the point of a job title, in the first place. One of the only times, it makes sense to settle.

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The Key to Improving Self-Esteem

Accepting your glory is the key to improving self-esteem. Sounds easy but treating yourself accordingly takes deliberate attention with wonder, wellness and wisdom.

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